Day 24-27 of positive challenge

As I near the 30 days of the positive challenge, it has been great to see what positive things have happened. Whether small or big it’s always great to count it in.

It has made me realise that loads of positive things happen in my life, whether I did it or someone made my day positive.  

1. My friend Aimz stayed over again on the Friday.  We ate cake, drank loads of tea and made lots of wedding crafts 💜

2. Me, aimz and my other half were treated to a cheeky takeaway on the Friday by my other half- so bad but so good!

3. On the Saturday I went to a place called skipton, where there was a barge trip going on. I went with a few work ladies and it was just nice to catch up without having 60+ children around us! It was done as a bit of a birthday treat for one of them but then surprised me by bringing prosecco, strawberries and a few cheeky games, whilst sat by the river. 

Had an absolute laugh! 

4. Me and Dan went off to our little pre- honeymoon today to the lake district.  Currently we are at the bottom and enjoying a night at a hotel before we set off for a bit of camping further up in the lakes. 

The hotel is a pub but the pub food is noms! They seem to be quite good with the ol humour there and got this when we asked for the bill. 

We are going to camp where Dan proposed 💍. The sunsets are AMAZING there so we will post a few pictures 🙂 

Hope you all have a lovely few days ahead 😀 

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