Day 13 and 14 of positive challenge

Hello all! 

It has been a good two days.

1. I got to spend a bit more time with my friend Aimz yesterday. We talked about wedding stuff, general and also the potential to join this blog! 

2. I made pancakes with cacao added in with some banana and honey on top. YUMMY.

3.  Even though this may be of no interest, I got myself an office chair from a charity shop around the corner. It was only £5 which was a bargain! It means I can sit in comfort whilst I work on the wedding decorations/ teaching portfolio and other craftyness.  
I think I must of looked a bit daft though rolling it back home. I maybe should of sat in it and zoomed back. 😁

4. I made some yummy tea for me and the other half- using home grown potatoes from the allotment my other half goes to. Bangers and mash! 

5. Watched Game of thrones- EPIC

6. It was very strange not having to wake up for work! So was able to go at my own pace today. Although it was a lazy day! 😎

Happy blogging  ❤

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